Tasleem o Raza

Tasleem o Raza are important spiritual stations in the way of Faqr


What is Tasleem o Raza?

The basis and locus of Faqr is surrender and submission translated from the terms ‘Taslim-o-Raza’. Raza is that the seeker of Allah considers every blessing and every loss as the will and decision of Allah. In fact the seeker’s betterment in the world and mysticism lies in between the two states of hope and fear.


Tasleem o Raza is perfect faith

In Allah’s court, the faith of only that person is accepted and approved who submits to His will with all the sincerity, withdraws from all his own wishes and desires for Allah’s pleasure and consent.


Mystics adopt Tasleem o Raza

The Divine desire overcomes the Mystics to such an extent that they never become sad and aggrieved during the worst circumstances. Rather, they always remain happy and utter: It is because of Tasleem o Raza.


Remain pleased with the will of Allah

The Mystics whose purpose of life is solely to acquire Divine consent, remain pleased with the will of Allah in every condition. Fariduddin Attar relates that for thirty years Fazeel Ayyaz did not smile but when his son died, people saw him smiling unexpectedly. Somebody asked him, why is he smiling at such an occasion? Then he replied, “I am sure that my son’s death is Allah’s will. Therefore, I smiled for the sake of Allah’s pleasure. Whatever He likes, I like too.”

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani

According to Mansur Al-Hallaj, submission (Tasleem o raza) is having the limbs cut off and been hanged even then uttering with no moan. “Upon the occurrence of destiny, raising objection on Allah (to think against the will of Allah) is the demise of faith, trust, Oneness and loyalty. Therefore the soul possessing true faith never says ‘why’ and ‘how’, its job is to say ‘yes’ (he obeys the Divine ordain and does not opine). Hence to argue and raise objections is in fact the habit of the innerself.” (Fatah-Al-Rabbani Chapter-01)

  • The one who adopts patience being pleased at Allah’s reward and punishment, for him limitless Divine favour in the world and countless blessings are in the hereafter. (Fatah-Al-Rabbani)


Sultan Bahoo Teachings about Tasleem o Raza

  • According to Sultan Bahoo surrender and submission is the status of a person having sublime character and the pure inward. This is the straight path on which the rewarded people have been treading. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)