Contemplation of Sacred Name of Mohammad

(Tasawur Ism e Mohammad)

Importance of Ism e Mohammad

In Sultan Bahoo book he also narrates the blessings of contemplation of Ism-e-Mohammad. According to him, only the perfect Murshid knows the path of Personal Name of Allah and Mohammad. He is of the view that along with invocation and contemplation of personal name of Allah, the contemplation of name of Mohammad is also compulsory.


Reality of Ism-e-Mohammad

It manifested before the manifestion of everything else. When it was manifested there was only the light of Allah. So it is in fact the Divine light and Its theophanies. In addition, it bears unimaginable commands and grandeur. The truth is that the Allah Himself or Divine light manifested in the form of light of Mohammad. Saints unveil the fact of manifestation of Allah in the form of Ism-e-Allah Zaat by saying ‘Essence’ in fact refers to the light of Mohammad. Thus it is the foremost manifestation of Allah. So it is not a different entity from Divine Essence. Rather one can say that Ism-e-Mohammad is in Divine Essence and Ism-e-Allah Zaat is in it. This is the reason Allah declares in Quran as Mohammad’s hand as His Hand and his words as Allah’s Words.”



While explaining about Faqr, Sultan Bahoo says that this is a part of Personal Name of Allah.


Ism e Mohammad effect

While discussing the effects of its contemplation of on the personality of the seeker, Sultan Bahoo stated:

When a seeker is absorbed in the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, Ism-e-Mohammad and shahada, all his sins hide in the coverlet of the light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. (Mohabbat-ul-Asrar)

The Holy Prophet visits

When a seeker contemplates Ism-e-Mohammad purely, then the Holy Prophet himself along with his Companions visit him spiritually. The Holy Prophet bless him and says:

“Hold my hands.” (Kaleed-e-Jannat)


Easy way to become beloved of Allah

When one contemplates Ism-e-Mohammad, he relinquishes everything except Allah. Moreover he sees the Mohammadan Assembly everywhere. He becomes the humble and modest lover of the Holy Prophet and the beloved of Allah Almighty. (Aqal-e-Baydar)


Exoteric knowledge and esoteric knowledge

It is important to know that the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, Ism-e-Mohammad and shahada opens two kinds of knowledge upon the seeker who contemplates them. First is the outward knowledge where as the other is inward knowledge. First type refers to devotions and all other matters related to them. While inward knowledge is in fact gnosis and Oneness of Allah. Moreover it is just like to have Divine vision or vision of Allah. (Kaleed-e-Jannat)

Kinds of infidelity

Be warn! As far as its kinds are conserned, there are one lac and seventy-three veils of infidelity in one human being. (In fact they are removed by the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. By following and adopting this path the seeker finds blessing in the very beginning with Divine presence in the Holy court of Allah. Moreover, he is blessed with eternal presence in the Mohammadan Assembly. He sees the most exalted in the realm of Divinity. It is the station of no station (La-Makan). Divine light gets absorbed (loses its entity) in Divine light. There is no one either soul or body. How can ignorant beasts (apparent humans but inwardly animals) know these stations? If you sacrifice yourself for Ism-e-Mohammad with pure inward and utmost belief, you will surely be blessed by beholding the sacred countenance of the Holy Prophet a thousand of times. You should have belief that this path of pious men is both beneficent and has Allah’s grace. (Aqal-e-Baydar)