Sultan Bahoo Mazar

Sultan Bahoo Mazar is located in Jhang Shorekot.

Sultan Bahoo was 25th Sarwari Qadri perfect spiritual guide.  The visuals of various portions of shrine taken from different angles.

Please click for larger view of the pictures of Sultan Bahoo Mazar. Sultan Bahoo Mazar is epitome of beneficence.

Lacs of Seekers of The Divine Truth are benefitted from the here. It is a famous miracle of the Sultan Bahoo Mazar that as soon as one enters it, tears start from one’s eyes. This is a source of beneficence for the whole world. The wishes of thousands of Seekers and Lovers of Allah are blessed here. Thousands of people have Divine experiences and many of them have reached the level of Spiritual Guide by the spiritual attention of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. Lacs of miracles of this place are known. It is free from any kind of wrong innovations. Hundreds of mystics remain in seclusion here for the sake of Vision of Allah. Once entered in the premises, one does not want to come out of it. The Seekers of The Divine Truth and Reality are never returned empty handed from this sacred place.

The present location of Sultan Bahoo Mazar is situated in a populated area. The city Garh Maharaja is at a distance of two miles from the mazar, Ahmedpur Sial is in the south. In the east, there is the city of Shorkot across the River Jhelum and Chenab. The Muzzaffar Garh Road passes at a distance of one and a half miles towards the west of the it. Nowadays, access to the shrine is very easy because of the concrete road. The pilgrims from Ahmedpur Sial and Garh Maharaja can easily approach the it.

Present Address of Sultan Bahoo Mazar

Current address: Garh Maharaja, Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial, district Jhang, Pakistan.