Faqr is famous among the masses as poverty, destitution and hard times. It literally means indigence but more important is that Fakirs describe it as the purpose of a person’s life about which the Prophet said:

الفقر فخری والفقر منی

Meaning: Faqr is my pride and it is from me.

Sultan Bahoo and the two kinds of Faqr

Sultan Bahoo says:

It is of two kinds. First is the chosen about which the Holy Prophet said:

الفقر فخری والفقر منی

Meaning: Faqr is my pride and it is from me.


It has two levels of which the first is to gain complete authority over the esoteric treasures of inward as well as all the treasures of the world and then become sated of it, whereas second is to gain perfect righteousness, gnosis and proximity of Allah. Furthermore, the other kind of it is compulsive. In fact, the person who adopts compulsive Faqr begs from door to door (i.e. he is always seeking material wealth and respect from people rather than seeking Allah). He is disgraced and deprived of spiritual satiation, so he is ever complaining about his poverty. Hence, the compulsive Faqr brings disgrace, the Holy Prophet said:

نَعُوۡذُ باِ للّٰہِ مِنۡ فَقۡرِ الۡمُکِبّ

Meaning: I seek refuge of Allah from the Faqr that brings disgrace.

The foundation of chosen is contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat which blesses with proximity of Allah and recognition of the Divine Essence through the Divine name. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)



A few sayings of Sultan ul Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali:

  • AlFaqr is the real legacy of the Prophet. Therefore, the heir of this legacy is his true heir.
  • AlFaqr is the path of loving Allah only and ardently.
  • AlFaqr is actually the knowledge of the vision of Allah and the presence in the Mohammadan Assembly.
  • The Holy Prophet said, “Faqr is my pride and it is from me.” Hence, it is an obligation on his every follower to acquire his pride from him, as he only distributes it from his sacred court.

Alfaqr is the greatest treasure of all the treasures of Allah and the Prophet distributes it. (Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali Life and Teachings)


Sultan ul Ashiqeen Teachings

Sultan ul Ashiqeen has written more than 26 books. All of his books are in fact teachings of AlFaqr.