About Murshid Allah says in Quran:

Meaning: O believers! Fear Allah persistently and keep looking for a mediator to (approach and get closer to) Him. (Al-Ma’idah 35)

Murshid in Quran – What is a mediator?


Mediator refers to the conspicuous path. Moreover it is such a source which takes to the destination. It should be so helpful that all the desires are fulfilled and one is completely satisfied by obtaining all the goals of his life. Lisaan-ul-Arab (volume II-page 725) defines mediator (vaseela) as:

“By means of which closeness to something is achieved.”

According to sharia, mediation means to find closeness to Allah through a person (Murshid) who is Allah’s beloved and is already close to Him.

Murshid is a Knower of Allah

Murshid is the one who perfectly knows the way to Allah. He has crossed the way stations of Faqr reaching the realm of Divinity (al-alam al-LaHoot). Moreover he is now fully proficient to guide the common people who do not know the Divine way. The perfect Murshid saves them from the satanic illusions, distractions of the inciting innerself and all the other obstacles of the path towards Allah. Now, one can understand the aforementioned verse as:

“O believers find the perfect Murshid to reach Allah.”

Be eager to find spiritual guide


Every true Muslim should eagerly find the spiritual guide. A guide who would sanctify him by his spiritually effective sight and celestial company. So that all his esoteric and exoteric deeds are corrected and purified. Then, by making the seeker desirable in the court of Allah, Murshid takes him to the destination of the Divine vision and union.

اگر کوئی شعیبؑ آئے میسر

شبانی سے کلیمی ؑ  دو قدم  ہے

Explanation: The spiritual elevation from the level of a common man to the one who converses with Allah, like Prophet Moses, is just a negligible distance away. The one condition to oblige by is to find the perfect Murshid or spiritual guide who is the Prophet Jethro of the present era. It is his blessing and beneficence which is everything.


Murshid blesses with union with Allah


According to Sultan bahu quotes:

Murshid are also of two kinds; one is the Murshid who is a man of effective spiritual sight and other the (fake) Murshid who seeks wealth. Former is the Murshid who grants eternal union with Allah and latter is the one who demands his portion of wealth from the annual income of his disciples. (Ain-ul-Faqr)


Instructor is prerequisite with a book


Instructor is prerequisite with a book to make a person absorb and learn it, similarly, prescription requires a doctor. Those who object, “Why need a Murshid in the presence of the Quran?” To them I ask, “Why Prophet Mohammad was sent with the Quran?” If sacred Companions needed Prophet Mohammad, we face a similar need of a spiritual guide.