Meditation and Concentration


In meditation the state of absorption is apparently similar to that of a dream. It is form of concentration. Though during a dream there is no vigilance on one’s self but in meditation one remains vigilant and conscious. Therefore, it is more powerful and far more dominant than dream.

It is the name of a special spiritual state under which the inner of man is guarded. Through meditation, the seeker gets rid of all the sensual and evil thoughts which may distract him from his way to the vision and closeness of Allah. The seeker observes how Allah manifests both in the cosmos and within himself through it.


Revelation Spiritual Secrets

During meditation, the spiritual secrets reveal themselves upon the meditator. Therefore he witnesses Divine light and is blessed by the vision of Allah. Then this vision of the Divine Essence and theophanies never end even for a moment. Whether apparently he talks to people or remains busy in the worldly affairs, he ever possesses the eternal Divine presence in his inward.

Kinds of meditation

Sultan Bahoo said in this context:

It can be of various kinds; the meditation of invocation and reflection, Divine presence, annihilation in the spiritual guide (Murshid / Shaikh), annihilation in Allah, annihilation in Hoo ( ھُو ), annihilation in Faqr, annihilation in Prophet Mohammad, annihilation of innerself, meditation of annihilation in the ninety nine beautiful names of Allah.  (Ain-ul-Faqr)

Three stages

There are three stages.  Mehak-ul-Faqr is one of Sultan Bahoo Books in which he says:

  • The first and basic meditation of the seeker at initial stage is that in which the seeker gains absorption and becomes bright minded. The second stage is that the seeker at middle stage in which the absorption touches such a height where the seeker becomes totally oblivious of the physical affairs. The third meditation of the seeker at the extreme stage is that in which he is completely engrossed in the vision of the Divine light of Unity.


Concentration meaning

The concentration by which one is not able to renounce the sensual appetites and the innerself does not annihilate is not concentration. Moreover which concentration cannot illustrate the miracle of soul and the secret of truth is not concentration.