Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo – Sultan Bahoo Miracles


We have written the Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo or Sultan Bahoo miracles for the seekers of Allah. Although there are hundreds of Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo but we have only mentioned.

Karamat or miracle is the unusual spiritual power bestowed by Allah upon His sacred men. A miracle by a Prophet is called mujiza معجزہ ) in Arabic while that by a Saint is karamat ( کرامت ).

Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo


There are several extrinsic and intrinsic Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. Some of Sultan Bahoo miracles are:

Non-Muslim into a Muslim

There is a Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo or Sultan Bahoo miracle that since childhood, he could turn a non-Muslim into a Muslim by just a single glance. Moreover this miracle continued throughout his life.

Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo and his books


The second biggest Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo or one of Sultan Bahoo miracles is his books. Now he did not get formal education from any educational institute and could not read or write, even then he authored 140 books in Persian, the customary language of his age. The miracle of his books, observed by many, is that if one reads any with complete faith, respect and sincerity after ablution, the soul of the reader becomes enlightened. The words of his books are absolute light and the statements form their bases on Divine presence. He declares in all his books:

If someone could not find a spiritual guide, he should make any of my books his guide and medium. I will definitely guide him to his eternal destination.

Sultan Bahoo

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman has observed that a sincere reader of his books definitely finds a spiritual guide according to his desire. However, for the spiritually blind people he says:

The spiritually blind unfortunates who are deprived of gnosis since eternity will never like my books.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Another Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo books is that they have treasures of Divine knowledge and mystic secrets for all the seekers and Mystics, whether they are the beginners, at middle level or drowned in Divine Unity at the final level. Hence, the seeker at initial stage will get guidance from them according to his status, while the seeker at middle or final stage will get beneficence accordingly.

Stone turned to gold

There is an other Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo that he used to farm in Shorkot. Once a poor Sayyid, who had a large family to support, was worried due to his poverty and was in search of a Saint whose prayer could improve his financial plight. To fulfill this desire, he started serving a Fakir. One day, the Fakir asked him what he wished. He replied:

“I have a large family to support and a huge loan to return. My sons and daughters have reached the age of marriage but I cannot manage to get them married due to my poverty. All the material sources have ended. Only some invisible spiritual source can solve my problem now.”

The Fakir said:

“Let me give you the address of a perfect Saint. Only he can solve your problem. Go to Sultan Bahoo who lives in Shorkot and tell him your problem.”

The poor Sayyid went to Shorkot but he was disappointed to see that he was ploughing the fields. Nearby people also told him that they knew him as a farmer, not as a Fakir or a Saint.

He was about to return in disappointment when Sultan Bahoo, who had become aware of his esoteric state, called him. Hearing his voice, Sayyid felt encouraged and decided to tell him his problem. After greetings he asked his problem, the Sayyid told everything. He requested him to hold his plough while he passed the urine.