Irfan e Nafs

This article is about irfan e nafs. Ever since the human being stepped on the earth, the questions which have arisen in his mind about Irfan e Nafs are: What is my reality? Who am I? What is my origin and end? What is my recognition? If a Creator does exist who has created me who is He and how would I recognize Him? What is purpose of my life?

Basics Questions


Whenever humans strived to search for the answers to these questions related to Irfan e Nafs, Allah sent His Prophets and Messengers on every territory of the earth for their guidance who had been satisfying them regarding such questions  of Irfan e Nafs. Anyhow, the world progressed and reached the stage that communication started among the people living in every part of the land. Meanwhile He sent His beloved last Prophet Mohammad, the reason of creation of the universe. Allah, through this system of Prophethood, sent His ultimate message and provided an absolute guidance to mankind in the form of Holy Quran, the complete code of life. Prophet Mohammad is the guide for all human beings till the doomsday.


Irfan e Nafs and khud shanasi; the reason of creation of the universe

The lord of universe tells the purpose of the life and creation of man in the following Qudsi Hadith which is base of khud shanasi;

کُنْتُ کَنْزًا مَخْفِیًا فَاَ حْبَبْتُ اَنْ اُعْرَفَ فَخَلَقْتُ الْخَلْق

Meaning: I was a hidden Treasure; I desired to be recognized, so I created the creation.

Irfan e Nafs and khud shanasi is observing universe within oneself


In this era, the major predicament is, people overlooking the Quranic verses consisting of explicit instructions and enlightened guidance to the spiritual context, they consider them ambiguities or similes. Thus the main reason of our depravity is having forgotten our real esoteric self and diverting attention only towards our superficial being. Alas! The contemporary man is lost in the external world, if he recognizes his actual inner being, he would observe Divinity and the universe within himself.


Concluding words


Fakirs and Saints taught people the lesson of khud shanasi because only then can a man gain the recognition of Lord. One thing distinguishes Sultan Bahoo from the other Saints that they only urged man to attain to the recognition of soul, the inner existence, core, inward, spiritual self, inner being  and conscience and to get the lustrous insight, yet they never told about its ‘key’ because of which one can attain the level of Irfan e nafs.