Haq Bahoo – Sultan Bahoo

He is also remembered as Haq Bahoo. A wide circle of lovers remembers him as Haq Bahoo.


The ancestors of Haq Bahoo lived in Anga. It is a village in the valley of Soon Sakesar (tehsil Naushehra, district Khushab, Punjab Pakistan). In fact their shrines and remains of houses are still present in Anga and its vicinity. The shrine of grandfather of Haq Bahoo  Sultan Fateh Mohammad is in the graveyard of Anga. Markedly this shrine is famous for curing the patients of gout. A large number of patients of gout visit the shrine of his grandfather and return cured and healthy. As well as the shrine of grandmother of Haq Bahoo  is beside it. A few yards ahead, there is an old graveyard across the road where the grave of his maternal grandfather is present.   

Parents of Haq Bahoo

The name of Haq Bahoo’s father is Bazayd Mohammad. Often he mentions while introducing himself in the beginning of his books e.g.

“A book by Bahoo who is a Fakir. He is the son of Bazayd Mohammad and belongs to the Awan tribe.”

Bazayd Mohammad was a soldier by profession and held a special position in the army of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Likewise he was a virtuous man, followed sharia perfectly and had memorized the Quran by heart. The father of Sultan Bahoo spent his youth in jihad. Afterwards, Bazayd quietly left the royal court and married his relative, Bibi Rasti. She was a Saint and was famous in the family for her piety. Therefore she spent most of her time in prayers and invocation (dhikr / zikr). The remains of the place where she used to meditate, absorbed in the invocation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, can still be found near a spring in the valley and that place is famous in Anga.

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